Honorary Members

Current Honorary Members

Prof. Dr. Donald Calne

IAPRD Chairman 2001-2007

Elected honorary member in 2009

Prof. Dr. Erik Wolters

IAPRD Chairman 2007-2015

Elected honorary member in 2015

Past Honorary Members

Prof. Dr. Melvin Yahr

IAPRD Chairman 1972-2001

Elected honorary member in 2009

A Full Member can be named an Honorary Member only if said person has held the office of chairperson of the board, chairperson of a ‘World Congress of Parkinsonism and Related Disorders’ and/or editor of the official journal of the corporation. To qualify for Honorary membership, a person must be proposed by at least five Full Members to the chairperson of the board. They are required to demonstrate the importance of the candidate for Honorary membership with respect to the work area of Parkinson’s disease and related disorders.

The chairperson of the board will introduce the candidate at the general meeting, at which meeting a decision shall be taken concerning the admission to honorary membership. Honorary Members are not required to pay for participation in activities such as congresses and similar events organized by the corporation and are not required to pay dues.