IAPRD Awards

IAPRD Award Winners

Lifetime Achievement Award Melvin Yahr Lecture Award


Dr. Daniel Truong
Fountain Valley, USA
Prof. Eduardo Tolosa
Barcelona, Spain


Dr. Stanley Fahn
New York City, USA
Prof. Dr. Vincenzo Bonifati
Rotterdam, the Netherlands


Dr. Mark Hallett
Bethesda, USA
Prof. Dr. Christine Klein
Lübeck, Germany


Dr. Zbigniew K. Wszolek
Jacksonville, USA
Dr. Joseph Jankovic
Houston, USA


Prof. Dr. Erik Wolters
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Prof. Dr. Claudia Trenkwalder
Göttingen, Germany

Dr. Jon Stoessl
Vancouver, Canada


Prof. Dr. Yves Agid
Paris, France
Dr. Ronald Pfeiffer
Portland, USA

Dr. Michael Schwarzschild
Boston, USA


Dr. Stanley Fahn
New York City, USA

Prof. Dr. Elena Moro
Grenoble, France

Melvin Yahr Parkinson’s Disease Clinical Research Award Supported by the Parkinson’s Foundation and International Association of Parkinsonism and Related Disorders

2024 Winner

Dr. Heba Deraz

Project title: Optimizing blood pressure to improve outcomes in patients with Parkinson's Disease: Fewer orthostatic hypotension episodes at the expense of more supine hypertension?